Backfill/Mud Diverter Valve

HPE’s Backfill Diverter Valve is used to divert the flow of backfill material from one point of placement to another.  It is also used to divert flush water away from the placement point when pipes are flushed at the end of a backfill placement cycle. This ensures that the placed backfill material is not diluted or washed away by the flush water.

HPE’s Backfill Valve is manually operated with a lever-type handle. The handle is designed to give a shock impact to divert flow should the valve become stuck or if pressure is higher than normal.

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  • 65mm bore.
  • Simplified cleaning and repair maintenance.
  • Port for drain valve to indicate when flush water reaches the valve.
  • The “flip-flop” principle prevents the valve from being in the middle position so as to avoid operator injury when it flips under full flow conditions.
  • Flanges to suit customers requirements.
  • Maximum working pressure of 3.5MPa.