Surge Relief Valve

The purpose of the Surge Relief Valve (SRV) is to rapidly open when the pressure reaches a pre-set limit thereby eliminating excessive pressure surges or overpressures.

The HPE Gas Charged Surge Relief Valve features a very low inertia to facilitate the relief of high-pressure spikes of short and long duration.
The valve discharges to atmosphere (preferred) or into a discharge line as required.

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  • Reinforced sealing diaphragm for optimum gas sealing and high abrasion resistance.
  • Diaphragm stroke is limited to prevent valve damage.
  • High working pressures.
  • The radial flow design on the diaphragm prevents diaphragm creep and allows the high working pressure.
  • Flanges in all standard configurations.


The number of valves required depends on the working pressure, the over-pressure when relieving and whether the SRV is connected in series with a Manual Isolation Valve (MIV) or not.


Technical Specifications